Our Mission

At Spectrum Pain Managment, we combine all health care with one common goal- To heal with a Holistic Approach! We believe that not one doctor can achieve all your health goals, but as a team to achieve true health. Our Physical Therapy Program is designed to bring back proper integrity to the spine by bringing the proper curves for correct posture. We also ensure to stabilize it so it won’t go back to the incorrect position.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Highly Trained Staff

Dr. Jon Brunelle
Dr. Jon BrunelleCEO / Founder
Jon R. Brunelle
Jon R. BrunelleCase Manager/Marketing Director
Ruby Delmaro
Ruby Delmaro Chiropractic Assistant/Marketing Manager
Dr. Rodriguez D.C
Dr. Rodriguez D.CChiropractor
Raquel Hernandez
Raquel HernandezMedical Assistant
Kaytee Reilly
Kaytee ReillyMassage Therapist
Breanna Carey
Breanna CareyReceptionist

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