A Targeted Approach

At Spectrum Pain Management, we work diligently to provide our patients with top notch care in Corona.  It is important to us that our patients come in, feel comfortable and receive pain-free treatment that actually produces results.  We work to reverse the issues that are creating pain in the body.  Pain is the body’s way of saying “something isn’t right here”.  Our doctors and trained chiropractic staff work to isolate the root cause, get you out of pain and work with you to increase your overall quality of life.  Whether you need help with pain relief, alcohol rehabilitation, weight management, allergy issues or diagnosis, we can help.

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Are you experiencing pain, reduced range of motion or suffering from headaches?

Physical Therapy

Did you know that exercises for your core and back can lead to overall health improvement?


Did you know you can get results without the use of pain medications with Acupuncture?



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It is Possible to Heal the Body…

It is possible to heal the body….

Please do not put off coming in to our Corona office because you feel you can manage your pain with medications… There is a reason you are in pain.  We offer cutting edge chiropractic treatments and physical therapy as well as utilize acupuncture and many other forms of treatment so that we can work your condition from several angles.

Whether you are in pain, have stiff achy muscles or maybe you are just over-stressed, our chiropractors and massage therapists can help you relax, loosen up and get things moving better. The law of inertia holds true with the human body… An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion — unless influenced by an outside source.  Maybe you’ve worked a long week, sitting at a desk, earning a hard-earned living, and you’re just sore… Maybe you perform back breaking work on a daily basis and need relief… Maybe you are active in sports and have over-stressed some muscles and ligaments…. Maybe you are retired and have achy muscles and joints from years of service or work…. Whatever the case, know that the spine and nerve channels are the conduit for your whole body… let us help get things moving along better.

Our chiropractors specialize in Chiropractic Biophysics… which in a nut shell means we adjust your spine and utilize special exercises and weights to create real change in the curvature of your spine so that the nerve channels can communicate more effectively.  Our treatments are 100% safe, gentle and are very effective.  With this type of care many are able to experience pain relief and heal more quickly from injury and illness.

But our care doesn’t stop there….

We pride ourselves in having the best of the best staff and that includes our Massage Therapists.  Aside from feeling amazing, massage therapy has many healing properties.  Coupling massage therapy (whether it’s for relaxation or pain relief), with chiropractic care we can create a powerful team that can overcome many aches and pains.

Maybe you are like many in Southern California and the Inland Empire that suffer from allergies.  Not just from something you can ingest but there are countless environmental factors that antagonize your body’s operation on a daily basis.  Maybe it’s pollen, pollutants in the air or maybe something you are eating or drinking.  If your body isn’t feeling well this could be an issue.  We offer testing to determine these potential causes by blood work.

With our team of doctors and highly trained staff we would be remiss as doctors and professionals in the medical field if we didn’t address nutrition and how you fuel your body.  This ties in with weight management and overall health.  We offer programs that are personalized to you and what you need to achieve your goals physically and for optimal health.   How you fuel your body is JUST as important as how you care for it with your day to day activities.

The busy hustle and bustle of our lives today can be chaotic and fast paced.  Sometimes we put too much on our plates and we rush around and in doing so get hurt.  Maybe you’ve had a car accident, or hurt yourself playing sports, twisted wrong, or had a bad night’s sleep.  Injury, lack of sleep and exhaustion are prevalent in today’s world and they take their toll on the body.  We offer expert physical therapy techniques to get you back to your old self, or as close to it as we can.  Our physical therapists, chiropractors and team of doctors can work together as one big team to get you back to battery.  It’s one of the pluses of having an office like ours… we can all be on the same page and track your progress with multiple forms of treatment to get your quality of life back.

Please do not hesitate to contact our chiropractic office in Corona. We know we can help you get out of pain and achieving your overall health goals.

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“I’m training for a marathon and suddenly developed pain that stopped me from walking comfortably, let alone running. Dr. Garcia and the staff at Spectrum got me in within a day of my calling for an appointment, saw me right on time, and (most importantly) accurately diagnosed my issue, adjusted me back into alignment, and sent me out the door pain free and able to run. In the eight days since Dr. Garcia treated me, I’ve run 58 miles PAIN FREE. The team at Spectrum will continue to be a go-to resource for me!”

Nikki Wurscher

“I have been coming here regularly for over two years. The facility is extremely clean and the staff is amazing! I have had chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture and these treatments have helped not only my body recover from training, but have also helped my sleeping issues as well. I highly recommend giving this place a shot!”

Christian Lopez

Great office and customer service. Definite must if you’re in pain.

Aria Noosha