Let’s talk body weight… Pushing aside society’s influence on what the latest fad is as far as bodies, did you know that there is an ideal body weight for each person that will enhance their bodies ability to function properly? This is not referring to appearance but more so your health and thus your confidence because of physical capabilities and accomplishments. Some of us are walking around with a few extra pounds which does take its toll on your bones, joints and muscles. Others maybe could add some muscle mass and healthy fats to allow for the necessary protection for vital organs, bones and to support bodily functions.

Medical weight management, whether it’s to safely shed excess weight or to add necessary muscle and get to a healthy fat ratio, is the safest way to alter the body so that its vital functions can be monitored to ensure no unnecessary damage is be done. Dropping weight too quickly or gaining weight too rapidly both are not heathy. Obesity places stress on your body, endangers your health and in turns can affect your family due to its risks. Not having enough mass or fuel for your body to function can prevent various vital functions from taking place and can tax vital organs, stop certain bodily functions and even create illness. Weight does fluctuate due to emotional stresses, hormones, diet changes and lifestyle changes. We are armed with an arsenal of knowledge on how the body operates, exercises, nutritional advisement and many other tools that enable us to help you achieve the goals you desire… and even more importantly – deserve.