At Spectrum Pain Management, we understand that every single body that walks through our doors is different. While we are usually all built similarly in that we have the same vital organs, each person has different ailments, leads different lives, ingests different foods, has different experiences and so each persons cell make-up is unique (beyond being inherently different in DNA). Your particular symptoms could be manifesting differently than someone else who suffers from the same illness or condition. That is why we keep our fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge technology when it comes to diagnostic testing.

Our doctors and staff can administer numerous tests and evaluations that help us isolate the root cause of your ailments and determine an accurate diagnosis so that we can then create a course of action to get you the proper and necessary care for recovery.

Some of the advanced tests and evaluations that we utilize are:

• NVC (Nerve Conduction Velocity)
• EMG (Electromyography)
• Ultrasound
• Vascular (of, relating to, affecting, or consisting of a vessel or vessels, especially those that carry blood.)
• Bodily Fluid Testing (blood, urine, etc.)

Any number of tests can be performed in our office but these allow our doctors to essentially take a look at what’s happening on the inside, with your nerves, heart, blood, vital organs, bodily functions etc. These highly advanced diagnostic tools, coupled with our consultations and examinations, and a complete family history of illness, can help determine if you are at risk for certain illness and conditions, and can help you prevent serious potentially life altering episodes. If you are putting off an exam, some sort of testing or speaking with a doctor about some sort of physical concern you have, please do not hesitate to contact our office. You are important and deserve quality care and attention.