Allergy sufferers know that once they have figured out what they are allergic to and have come up with a solution to avoiding a particular allergen the relief is sometimes like taking a breath for the first time. Many people walk around thinking that they have a cold that just won’t go away, when in reality they are experiencing allergy symptoms that if isolated and treated bring about much relief. If you are experiencing any of the following it would be a good idea to be tested for allergies:

• Un-resolving “cold-like” symptoms
• Runny nose
• Itchy eyes
• Watery eyes
• Stuffy sinuses
• Pressure under or behind the eyes
• Ear-fullness or pressure
• Sore or scratchy throat
• Post nasal drip
• Dark circles around the eyes
• Headaches
• Tightening of the airway
• Chest pains
• Skin rashes or hives
• And more…

We utilize blood work to detail what your particular allergens are so that we can isolate them 100% accurately and address them accordingly. This blood work tests for environmental factors as well as food allergies which surprisingly can produce similar reactions to that of food poisoning. Once we get the results back from the lab our experts will be able to help you come up with a plan to safely and effectively remove these from your home, environment or diet.